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Book Review: The Tethered World




Let’s get one thing straight: I am not a fantasy fan. This has been proven by my inability to muster any interest whatsoever in Harry Potter. (I know. This is akin to blasphemy in some reading circles. Let’s move on.)

The fact that my bent is not toward fantasy fiction makes my review of The Tethered World by Heather L.L. FitzGerald all the more meaningful. Do you know why? Because I loved this book! Not only it is family-friendly—Heather prefers the term “family fantasy” to “young adult fantasy”—but the setting is well-constructed and the characters come to life on the pages.

Accepting a surprising family history that leads to the adventure of a lifetime, the main character is forced to take the reigns as the oldest in her homeschooled family. As can happen when one is forced into a role she doesn’t want, she resents this life change and pushes against it. The Tethered World, told from the perspective of Sadie Larcen, is a whimsical (yet gripping) tale of sacrifice, growth, and, ultimately, love.

What makes The Tethered World so fun for adults is the trip to a land where the mythological creatures from our childhood have come to life! Plus, it is fun to consider (in a fictional sense) what happened to the creatures from the Garden of Eden.

I think this would be a fun family read-aloud. The book is written from a distinctly Christian worldview. There is plenty of fodder for discussion; the children in the book deal with a few weighty issues, as they attempt to rescue their parents. Also, this is the first book in a trilogy, so there is more adventure to be had down the road!

So, now that you’re finished reading this post, hop on over to Amazon and get your copy!

Soli Deo gloria,


P.S.—Congrats, Heather, my dear friend, on your first publication!

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