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(The Rest of) October


We have had quite a bit of fun this month! Here is a quick, random run-down of this busy month.

On our anniversary we explored a corn maze with some dear friends who are also Texas transplants! Deere Farms was a good time! After winding our way out of the maze, we tried a (not very authentic, but still delicious) Irish Pub in our neighborhood.

A couple of Sundays ago we went to the seminary to experience Matthew West‘s “Into the Light” tour, which included Sidewalk Prophets and Jason Castro. I’ve always been amazed by Jason Castro’s voice, so it was fun to see him live (and be even more amazed at his God-given talent!).

We experienced our first freeze of the season! In October! Our Texas-bred bodies didn’t know what to make of this. We promptly purchased new winter coats. 🙂

We’ve enjoyed a more varied social calendar this month. We have gathered with many new friends and look forward to the others on our calendar!

I am particularly thankful for a biweekly coffee date I’ve begun keeping with a wonderful friend in the Lord. It’s a joy to connect, share, and pour into one another on a spiritual level!

Finally, I look forward to setting back the clock this weekend! Evan greatly dislikes when it is dark for so much of the day, but I love it! The evenings always seem longer and, therefore, feel more productive. But most importantly, it means that the holiday season is peeking around the corner!

This week I’ve also had the opportunity to catch up with some of my Texas girlfriends! For the rest of my Texan gals: I MISS YOU! Let’s talk soon. 🙂