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May Update

Welcome to our NEW blog!

Evan and I are excited to go live with Not By Bread; we’ve been pondering and writing and organizing for quite a while! Admittedly this post is part test and part blog kick-off; hopefully future posts will increase in interest value! Ha!

Since you’re already here, why not take a tour?

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Getting this blog in the public eye is really what “baked” during the month of May . . . and even into a little piece of June. In other news:

  • Evan and I started checking items off of our Texas Bucket List. (This is just a list of places that have meaning to us that we’d like to visit one last time before heading north.) I publish all of the images on Instagram and I’ve been told that people are having fun watching where we go. My handle is @evans_girl if you want to follow along!
  • We enjoyed watching my brother graduate with his masters degree and celebrating Mother’s Day in the same weekend!
  • On the Kentucky front, I secured a teaching position for next year and we put money down on (and were approved for) an apartment! Praise the Lord for both of these major provisions!

Pray with Us!

Please pray for:

  • the Lord to provide part-time work for Evan;
  • our hearts to remain content in this time of transition;
  • ample opportunities to share the Gospel in our current location;
  • patient hearts as we eagerly await this next chapter.

We covet your prayers and look forward to hearing from you!

Soli Deo Gloria!