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September (and a bit of October)


As we celebrate our eleventh anniversary today, I think we are beginning to settle into real life. Life in Louisville, before work and seminary, was a kind of fairy tale. No responsibilities. Plenty to explore. Abounding fun.

Real life is exactly as busy as we anticipated it would be, and it has taken longer than we expected to find the proper balance of church/home/work/school. Speaking of church: We joined Baxter Avenue Church at the end of September! We are thankful to the Lord that He led us to such a body, one that regularly practices bestowing upon one another the love of Christ.

I started school (with students) on September 3. Honestly, I forgot how challenging it is to be in the classroom. Being self-contained and having only ten students has a plethora of advantages, make no mistake! But mastering the volume of material has been, at times, overwhelming. At long last I sense that homeostasis has returned, and for that I am grateful! Knowing how to interact with the material I’m teaching helps a lot. So do the supportive co-workers! 🙂

It took me a few weeks, but I have begun to enjoy my course at Southern’s Seminary Wives’ Institute. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate what we’re learning; it’s that I didn’t have time to enjoy it. Now that things have settled a bit, I have enjoyed applying the spiritual disciplines we discuss. I’ve also made a couple of very sweet friends that make my Thursday evenings a bit brighter!

I would appreciate prayer for:

  • depth and breadth in my time with the Lord
  • continued, increasing joy at work
  • a heart that overflows the love of Jesus onto my students
  • continued development of relationships at church, at the seminary, and at work (Can’t I just be an extrovert?!)
  • continued improvement in time management

Evan has completed half of his first semester! This week was his fall break, which meant he read, read a little more, and then kept reading. He enjoys the course work despite the difficulty in finding a balance between that and working part-time. He has enjoyed a few budding relationships with godly men from our church and at the seminary. At the end of September we saw The Screwtape Letters at the Brown Theater. With dinner before, that event turned out to be a fun time of fellowship with other students from Evan’s New Testament class!

Evan desires prayer for:

  • the Lord to multiply his time and provide additional means of efficiency in his day
  • our cat, who has a urinary tract infection
  • more time for ministry
  • decisions about next semester’s courses
  • wisdom in deciding to take / not to take a J-term course

I’m sure there is more to write, but instead I must answer the piles of laundry that call my name! We miss you, our Texas friends, and wish to hear from you!

Love in Christ,


P.S. — I forgot to mention something regarding Texas v. OU. HOOK ‘EM HORNS!


August Update


First, I need to confess that we are shocked and amazed that it is September. When did this happen? Wasn’t it but two weeks ago that we unloaded our truck and began unpacking boxes? Goodness, time is flying.

Second, I want to communicate how grateful we are for those who continue in prayer for us. We (I, in particular) have encountered struggles this month and the prayers of the saints are a tremendous encouragement. Please know that we continue to pray for you, as well.

August was a busy month, which is why I’m writing this post on September 7! Shortly after we took the last box to the recycle bin, my mom came to visit for four days. It was wonderful to have her here, and not simply because she helped move furniture in my classroom! (Although that was a huge help.) We shopped a bit and explored two new-to-us places, Cave Hill Cemetery and Locust Grove Historic Home.



The Monday after my mom left, I began training and orientation at my new school. My reflections on working at such a wonderful place will pour forth after the thoughts have percolated to my satisfaction. (Right now I’m consumed with curriculum so these musings aren’t in my natural train of thought.)

One week after I began work, Evan began his first semester at Southern. Of course I snapped a picture of his first day!

ImageAlmost immediately Evan realized that his chosen course load, combined with working part-time and his other responsibilities, would be too heavy. He opted to drop one class in favor of sanity. He enjoys the professors and class time, but senses that the new work to be assigned for each course is accelerating. Thankfully this bit of stress is not combined with looking for a church home! In mid-August, we concluded that the Lord was/is leading us Baxter Avenue Church. We have enjoyed plugging into this church family and look forward to entering into membership there. During Evan’s first week of school we had the privilege of participating in a back-to-school carnival that is orchestrated by Baxter. It was a sweet time of ministry and outreach to the surrounding community.

The remainder of August was filled with the Family Vigilance Conference at Southern, a lovely used book sale at Locust Grove, much studying (for both of us!), and someone having a birthday that officially placed her in her mid-thirties. Finally, I started my first course for the Seminary Wives Institute at Southern. I’ve already met some wonderful women and I look forward to walking this journey with them.

In short, our life in Louisville made a hard switch from “relaxed” to “runaway train”. Well, it feels that way right now, but we know it is temporary. Now that school has officially started for me, things are growing calmer. (As a former public school teacher, I can hardly believe I just typed that sentence.) Praise the Lord!

Please pray for:

  • Evan’s focus during times of study and his retention of material
  • continued development of relationships with Evan’s classmates and my fellow teachers
  • for me, that I’m able to still my heart before the Lord and maintain a healthy home/work/class balance
  • plugging in at Baxter Avenue

Again, thank you for praying with us. We would like to hear from you, too!

Soli Deo Gloria,