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A Happy New Year!


Evan and I finally took a spell to sit and reflect on the entirety of the holiday season. This proved to be a helpful step in removing my eyes from my (ever-decreasing) overwhelmed state, and to the blessings bestowed upon us by our loving Heavenly Father. I thought we should share these things with you, too, so you don’t think I’m crying in a corner all the time (which I’m not). 🙂

Since our last post, Evan finished his very first semester at Southern,


we had fun in our first good snow,



celebrated a very happy Thanksgiving with Evan’s parents,

Lunching at the Brown Hotel

Lunching at the Brown Hotel

The Brown Hotel

The Brown Hotel

visited the Louisville Slugger Museum,

We held a bat used by Mickey Mantle in a game!

We held a bat used by Mickey Mantle in a game!

celebrated our first Christmas in Louisville with a visit to the Creation Museum (followed by a short jaunt into Cincinnati),

a candlelight service at our church, and dinner at the seminary. Fun fact: We, along with one other couple, sat with Dr. & Mrs. Mohler! It was fun to get to know a little bit more about them.

Another huge blessing for Evan was his week-long J-term class that happened the week before Christmas. Through this class, Evan was able to meet men who are in a station similar to his own: they are shifting their focus from their established careers to pursue full-time ministry. It was a very encouraging week for him!

Please Pray with Us

Please pray:

  • that our break would be a time of intense rest and renewal, both physically and spiritually;
  • for Evan’s focus and productivity regarding work for his winter term class;
  • for our diligence in personal and family devotions;
  • for the Lord to provide wisdom as we survey the landscape of the coming year.

Thank you for joining us in prayer. We would like to pray for you, as well, so please let us know how we can do so!

May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you in the coming year (2 Cor. 13:14).

Soli Deo Gloria,