Book Review: The Flaming Sword


 Pre-order The Flaming Sword on Amazon! If you haven’t read book one in this fun series, the Kindle version is free on Amazon through 11/2! Click here to grab your copy.

I’m beyond excited for my friend Heather, as her second book-baby will be delivered on November 1! The second installment in her series The Tethered World, The Flaming Sword is fast-paced and keeps its claws in you until the very end!

Perhaps my favorite thing about The Flaming Sword is the breadth of growth for the main character, Sadie Larcen. In the first book, liking Sadie as a character was a real challenge for me. She was dragged along on an adventure, instead of reaching out and making her own adventure. I so deeply desired for Sadie to make strong, bold choices! And that’s precisely what happens in The Flaming Sword: The reader sees Sadie blossom from a hesitant, fearful girl who resented her family’s legacy, to a courageous, strong-minded young woman. Sadie’s faith has been tested, and she more fully understands her role in the family and the Tethered World.

This proves to happen in perfect timing, because the Larcens once again step into the world beneath our own — this time to find a darker political atmosphere. The factions and alliances that have formed, in the name of protecting The Flaming Sword of Cherubythe, have the Tethered World on the precipice of war. Unlike their first adventure down below, this time the Larcens are separated. This creates plenty of tension on its own; but the Larcens learn some unexpected things about some unexpected enemies, and these twists and turns keep you guessing!

I very much enjoyed this second installment. Heather has done a fabulous job of ratcheting up the tension for the third book. I can’t wait to read it!


*I was given a complimentary copy of this book by the author.



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  1. Thank you for the positive review, Ashley! I know you would only be truthful and so this makes me quite happy 🙂 Especially since you are a reluctant fantasy reader. I had so much fun writing The Flaming Sword and I’m glad it was equally fun to read! xoxo

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