A Reflection of Steadfastness

Thirty years ago (almost to the day), my life changed with a single hello. Being five-almost-six I didn’t recognize this, but looking back I clearly see how the Lord was working in a playground relationship that would span decades.

At Kennedy Elementary, I was the new girl. The others had weathered kindergarten together — I suppose that is tough stuff when you’re five, and bonds are forged in a hurry. I remember it clearly: I stood in front of the swings, arms crossed, watching a lanky girl swing as high as she could, flanked by two equally lanky boys trying to swing even higher. She looked at me. She smiled. The hot Texas sun kissed my skin. And the next thing I knew, she extended her hand and said, “Hi, I’m Andrea.”

6420_1087255905297_1452703_nFor the last thirty years, the Lord has seen fit to picture His steadfastness for me through my relationship with Andrea. Not that she is perfect (no one is!), but her constant presence, her wise counsel, and her loving-kindness toward me have reflected the love of God in a way many relationships can’t because, let’s be honest, close friendships that last thirty years aren’t particularly common.

I’m not even sure she’ll ever read this, but I want to express how thankful I am for our friendship that has lasted a lifetime.

I am grateful to the Lord for making us neighbors in Alief.

I am grateful that He took us both to TCU, where we lived one floor apart. (Remember how surprised we were about this?)

I am grateful that He set us one mile apart for the last decade. (I miss having tea with you!)

I am grateful that He led us to start a Bible study together, and that He let it last six wonderful years with Sylvia, Kristin, and Carla.

33758_446521467890_4624572_nI am grateful for your unending support in any endeavor.

But most of all, I am thankful that He made us sisters in Him.

I look forward to thirty more years. It’s too late to get rid of me now. 🙂

Soli Deo gloria, my friend!




One response

  1. Just read it. Just loved it. (By the way, the “lanky” description made me laugh out loud. I’m pretty sure it’s been almost a full 30 years since I could accurately be described as lanky!)

    You have always been a blessing in my life, as well. I am so grateful that God graciously provided those two first-graders with the opportunity to develop a lifelong friendship. And I’m grateful that He has always kept us connected, too, despite ever-changing circumstances. It has been a pleasure to see the amazing things the Lord has done in your life, whether from a front-row seat or from my computer screen back here in the Lone Star State 🙂

    Hope to continue “growing up” together for another three decades!

    Lifting a long-distance cup of tea to you, my friend. Hope you’re feeling better today.


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