Our New Home

This post is for those who have asked to see our apartment! Here you go!


LIVING ROOM| The only organizational challenge in this space came from selling our bookcases with the house in Fort Worth, meaning we had to buy new ones upon arriving in Kentucky. We are grateful for the coat closet (not pictured) and the fact that these World Market shelves were on sale.


LIVING ROOM | We finally managed to find a basket the right size for pug toys. The twist tie? That belongs to the cat.


DINING ROOM | We are grateful for this room because it means we can comfortably open our home for hospitality and ministry. This is one of the main reasons we liked this apartment! Because of the long, skinny nature of the room, we were able to use our buffet and table, which provided a bit of extra storage.




KITCHEN | The kitchen was a huge organizational challenge! As you can see in the next picture, we have one bank of lower cabinets — which means very little counter space and a big lack in storage. We purchased the wire shelving at Lowe’s (only because there isn’t a Container Store nearby to feed Ashley’s addiction!). We chose to skip buying something that would provide additional work space because we knew we could utilize certain appliances, such as the microwave, on the shelving unit. Storage was more important that work space because we can learn to cook differently; it’s more difficult to store things when storage doesn’t exist. We also added a small microwave cart to the right of the range to create a coffee bar for Evan. The large black bins on the floor are a major storage help! And at $7.99 each, they’re affordable, too.


KITCHEN | Originally the space above the sink was empty. To create even more storage we added the bathroom rack. This gave us a place to store clean towels (and other things) and hang up used towels to dry. Another issue was that this wall had one outlet. Anyone who cooks can tell you that this isn’t enough. Evan used his engineering gifts to create a second, triple outlet at the other end of the counter for the everyday-use appliances.


HALLWAY |Ashley has always wanted a little telephone nook (shown)!


BATHROOM |The Lord prepared us for this bathroom by letting us live in an even smaller one for three months! For the same reason that Ashley loves the phone nook, she loves the hexagonal floor tile and seafoam green wall tile. You might be able to see that the bathtub actually has a green tint to it. Vintage = awesome!




MASTER BEDROOM | Suffice it to say that we have made really good use of under-the-bed boxes! Off-season clothing, blankets — you name it, it’s probably under there.




MASTER BEDROOM | This lovely orchid was a moving-in-day gift from a sweet friend.


OFFICE | All we’ll say is, “Thank goodness for Elfa.” Even though my desk is here, too, I’ve begun calling it “Evan’s Room,” probably because he’ll spend the most time in it!


8 responses

  1. Love it! You have it looking absolutely beautiful & perfectly organized!! The telephone nook and the bathroom remind me of living in the Lee’s house. Except, I think the floor tiles were also sea-foam green 🙂

    1. Thanks, Katie! I don’t know about perfectly organized . . . homes are always in a state of flux. 🙂 It’s already different (a little bit) from when I took these pictures!

  2. Beautifully organized, as always:)

    1. Thank you, Sheryl. 🙂

  3. Love it and I’ve always loved telephone nooks too. I love that I can picture where you are now. Perhaps a fall visit is in order…

    1. Indeed, a visit is in order! Just let us know when you’re coming! 🙂

  4. Beautiful! Love the shelf above the kitchen sink. Great idea! Too bad we have no phones to put in those cute phone nooks. Looks like the office got re-arranged and is working better.

    1. Thank you, Laura! Yes, believe it or not we had to squeeze TWO bookcases in the office! Can you imagine? It’s definitely cozy back here. 🙂

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