July Update



Well, we made it to Kentucky! There is NO WAY we could have made it here without the people (and prayers!) that traveled with us! The little map above was our first day’s journey. The six of us were some kind of tired at the end of Day 1, but we made it to our hotel even earlier than expected. After a yummy dinner and some good rest we hit the road again the next morning. Day 2 was much lighter in terms of driving — we pulled up to our apartment at 1:30 p.m. — but the heavy lifting began when we had to unload the truck. Once finished, a friend said it best: “Well . . . at least it’s all inside!” Yep.

Fast forward to today. The boxes have climbed into the recycle bin. Everything “extra” is tucked neatly into our storage bin in the basement. Ashley’s learning how to navigate laundry day when our washer and dryer are in said basement. (The staircase winds for some extra fun. Dropping a sock is not an option.) We’re learning new things like which single cubic foot of our refrigerator actually freezes things when the rest of them do not. We’re loving the fact that these 830 square feet are ours and that they were built in 1948. We’re enjoying the lush landscape of this slice of our great nation: the rolling hills, the varieties of trees we definitely didn’t see in Texas, the green that is absolutely everywhere! We briefly visited Cherokee Park and decided that we needed more time and better shoes to make the most of it! We’ll be back for sure.

Suffice it to say that, so far, we like Kentucky. 🙂

Of course some things are difficult. Being away from our beloved church family is one of them. After six years of worshiping and growing together with one body of believers, it’s hard on the heart to start from square one, searching for the next church we’ll call home. We also miss our family and friends. Our Texas roots are deep since we both grew up there. We’re thankful for the plethora of ways to keep in touch.

Call it Progress

Because our kitchen was slow to unpack and organize (you’ll see why tomorrow), we had to dine out for much of our first week in Louisville. While not our preference, it did afford us the opportunity to find some great food! Our favorite (I mean favorite) haunt is Momma’s Mustard, Pickles, & BBQ. Holy smokes is this good barbecue! We’ve tried the beef ribs, pork ribs, grilled cheese (minus the bread), and most of the sides. Just thinking about the grilled cheese — packed solid with your choice of meat, Havarti cheese, and plenty more awesomeness — makes my mouth water. Wow. Moving on. We also found a superb Indian food restaurant called Shalimar. The buffet is huge and delicious! We’ll definitely return.

The only bummer is that we have yet to find decent Mexican food, but we’re not done hunting!

Once the kitchen was up and running, the gravy train ended and Ashley started cooking again. This gave us a chance to explore the places we’ll need to go like Target, Wal-Mart, other grocery stores, etc. We even found a great (and affordable!) vet for the Pug and cat, as well as a wellness center for holistic care. We’re in the process of investigating the latter, but finding both of these providers so early in our time here would be a huge measure of provision.

Pray with Us

It’s been quite fun to experience life in Louisville and see how it jives with what we expected! As we continue to settle in, please pray for:

  • the Lord’s lead in finding a church home,
  • Ashley’s heart and preparations for a new year in a new school,
  • Evan’s heart as he approaches the start of his MDiv,
  • balance (for both of us) as life becomes much busier,
  • the ability to locate healthcare practitioners, and
  • unity in continued decision making.

Stay tuned . . . we’ll post pictures of our apartment tomorrow!

Thank you for walking with us through this new season of life! We would love to hear updates from YOU, too!

Soli Deo Gloria!



4 responses

  1. It was fun to Skype last week, to see the two of your sweet faces, pug, cat, and apartment tour. Looking forward to seeing you at Thanksgiving, and sending much love.

    1. We enjoyed it as well! The time will fly; it will be Thanksgiving before we know it. (It’s already August, which is completely unbelievable to me.) Love you!

  2. YUM! That food sounds delicious 🙂 ! Miss you guys!


    1. We miss you guys, too, Trevor! Give everyone hugs for us. 🙂

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